Think of me as a speaker who coaches your brain.

Athletic ability gets you just so much. You need to have the right mindset to manifest into something amazing. I’ve earned awards for my speaking engagements and podcast for shining a light on mental fitness.

I’ve learned that it’s not your physical training that affects your performance: It's always that inner voice that sabotages you. I’m here to make sure that never happens for my audience.

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Photo credit: Entirely Catherine Photography.

Photo credit: Entirely Catherine Photography.

Adelaide recently spoke at Build Your Audience Live [2019] - my annual event for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking to build an online audience. She shared the story of her own journey building her online audience. Adelaide is a polished, poised speaker who engaged the audience from the first few words to the final sentence. I’d have no hesitation about inviting Adelaide to speak at a future event.
— Janet Murray, Content Marketing Expert & Keynote Speaker


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Speaking Topics


Mental Training Triumphs


Mastering Your Mindset to Win

The words we use are the structure and architecture of our thoughts, feelings and experiences. These words determines if we’re in the most helpful state of mind for the task at hand.

To master our mindset, we need to ask ourselves; how proficient can I become at being aware of my thoughts and guiding them to more productive, powerful and positive based thoughts, that are moving me closer to being able to deal with the demands of the moment in the best way possible?

As a mindset coach, I teach triathletes how to achieve extraordinary performance. I’ve coached world record holders, world champions and multi-times race winners, and I’ve interviewed some of the world’s top performers.

The one thing that has the greatest impact on our performance, is how we speak to ourselves. In this talk, I will teach you how to transform your inner voice and achieve your desired results.


Adventure is a Mindset


How to Achieve the Impossible

Today’s world is all about staying in your comfort zone. Worried you can’t achieve a goal because it’s too difficult? Scared about failing to overcome an obstacle? Too busy to commit to training for a race? We’re accustomed to seeing challenges as opportunities to fail, feel stressed and overwhelmed. Adelaide, however, wants you to consider changing your mindset to achieve the impossible.

This talk is the spark you need to take on adventure as a mindset, to allow you see to see difficulties as challenges to solve and overcome - whatever the environment. You’ll learn that adventure isn’t just a trip you go on—it’s the mindset you occupy—and you’ll realize that life is about experiencing what you never thought possible. Using the extreme adventures that she and clients have each experienced as reference, this talk will help audiences become comfortable with forgetting expectations and embracing the now.

If you’re looking for tools to influence your self-judgemental thoughts and limiting beliefs, and to maximise the opportunities around you, Adelaide’s talk is the one for you.


Train Your Brain


Maximizing the Most Underrated Tool for Race Day

Any athlete will tell you that winning comes in training. Every mile, every exercise, and every meal adds up to personal bests and podium finishes. Or so you think.

As a mindset coach who’s worked with world champions and triathletes from around the world, Adelaide is about to flip your athletic training on its head. Referencing learning moments experienced by clients during training and race day, she’ll help you understand that, when it comes to succeeding in sports, your mind requires its own conditioning program.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to design your life for maximum performance and fulfillment. Adelaide will show you how to break impossible habits, forego negativity, and make your goals feel closer than ever.


The Winning Mindset


How to Succeed in Work and Life

Do you feel like you’ve peaked? Do you think this is as good as it gets? Have you lost your passion for life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to adopt a winning mindset. In this talk that’s tailored for a corporate audience, Adelaide teaches the secrets to tapping into your truest desires to achieve your potential. You’ll learn how to build a foundation for success—it all comes down to routine—and techniques for using your mind as a tool instead of a barrier. With deeply personal stories experienced by both Adelaide and her athletic clients, audiences will recognize that life is a competition of mental stamina.

For anyone who needs to rediscover their grit, fuel their passions, and get out of their own way, this talk is the kick start you never knew you needed.


Ready for a speaker who inspires immediate change among your audience?



Adelaide facilitated a number of discussions with our group around the elements of a high performing team. She helped the group examine their own experiences, and fielded questions masterfully. Adelaide’s explanation of the impact of having a shared team purpose was highly relevant to our students’ experiences and elevated our activity to a learning experience. It was a pleasure to work with her.
— Anna Hilke, Assistant Director at the Leadership Lab, Columbia Business School
Professionally delivered, very informative and can’t wait to put these techniques into practice. Easy to understand delivery.
— Julia
Very interesting and taught me a lot. I will definitely be using these methods to achieve future goals.
— Laura
Amazing talk at the Triathlon Show London. Changed some lives, what a great outlook.
— Frazer Clifford, MD at The London Bike & Tri Show
Adelaide is a stand for a positive life and lifestyle, not just for herself, but for all who surround her. The way she openly tells her story, and how she turned it around to one that she chooses and loves, is truly inspiring.
— Georgie Dalby, Key Leader at Lululemon Athletica
What a super talk. You have a lovely engaging demeanour and expression – mixed with your enthusiasm and energy which totally captivated me. Very well done and look forward to your next one.
— Jane
Brilliant talk! Lots of energy and an inspiring story.
— Elli

Give your audience a talk they’ll never forget—and a talk that could change their life.