[S2E12] 8 Ways to Develop a Positive Mindset with Kev Merrey


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“Some days I wake up and think what have I got myself into?!”

What did you dream of becoming when you were a child?

My guest today, Kev Merrey, dreamed of becoming a filmmaker and he is now making that dream come true.

Many of us know what it’s like to feel stuck in our careers. We settle on a particular career path and one day we wake up and wonder why we’ve invested so much of our life in something we don’t enjoy.

There are many reasons why this happens, but the main one is what’s going on inside of our mind.

Often we tell ourselves unhelpful stories, harbour limiting beliefs and fill our mind with negative thoughts.

Kev has overcome all of this by dialing down on his positive mindset and in this episode, he shares with us 8 ways he’s cultivated this mindset that’s empowered him to blaze his true trail in the recent years.

Kev believes that a positive attitude is all you need and once you have this down, everything else will fall into place. As what you think, is what you will become.

The first film Kev created under his film production company Skyrise Productions, was with the incredible extreme endurance adventurer Sean Conway, who is now Kev’s friend, mentor and gives him a wonderful introduction to this episode!

Everything has fallen into place since this great film and he’s now about to embark on an epic film production adventure, as he and Gav Kaps, from Osprey Imagery and who introduced Ian Finch, are capturing Sean’s journey as he attempts to break the world record for the fastest, unsupported bike ride from the easternmost to westernmost point of mainland Europe.

I’ve chatted to Kev a lot in the last few months and although I’ve yet to meet him in-person, you can tell he’s someone special. Full of passion, enthusiasm and positivity.

As we delved into his mental practices, habits, thoughts and beliefs, it was fascinating to discover how he has been re-wiring his brain and creating strong thought processes for positivity.

Kev also shares some of his filming highlights, with Sean Conway and the popular British adventurer Al Humpreys.

Kev and Gav Kaps also made my first adventure film dream come true, by helping British adventure athlete Laura Kennington and I create Miles To Go.

We chat about his future projects, which most excitingly include filming Sean Conway and his outstanding endurance adventure and filming project Post Runner. I can’t wait to see the finished productions!

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Selected Links From The Episode

Find Kev Here: Website | Twitter | Facebook | InstagramVimeo

Find Sean Conway Here: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Other Mentions

Alastair HumphreysLizzie Carr

Show Notes

Introducing Kev

[0-1.47] Sean Conway introduces Kev

[1.47-4.05] Who Kev is and what he does in the world today

How Kev got into filming and founded Skyrise Productions

[4.05-5.09] Was filmmaking always a dream of yours?

[5.09-6.42] Was your family into the outdoors and filming?

[6.42-8.87] How did Skyrise Productions come about?

Filming extreme endurance adventurer Sean Conway - Kev’s first official film!

[8.87-13.07] How Kev came to film extreme endurance adventurer Sean Conway (who also has a huge ginger beard!)

[13.07-14.06] Biggest takeaway from filming SeanConway

[14.06- 15] How Sean is now Kev’s mentor

Kev’s journey with Skyrise Productions so far

[15-17.22] How has Skyrise Productions taken off since this film with Sean?

[17.22-19.24] What have been your biggest challenges?

Mental learnings and practices of becoming a filmmaker and entrepreneur

[19.24-21] Have there been any down moments?

[21- 22] How does it feel to have these negative voices?

[22-23.20] What kind of box do you put your negative thoughts into?

[23.20-24] Do you find adventuring easier than setting up your own business?

[24-28.33]What mental resources do you rely on when you’re having a tough time with you business

[28.33-31.02] Do you use affirmations?

[31.02-33.41] Intuition and trusting the universe

Exciting projects coming up!

[33.41-40] Film projects and Kev’s awesome endurance adventure!

Wrapping Up

[40-41.02] In all that we have spoken about today, is there anything else you would like to add?

[41.02-44.20] Wild Fire Round

[44.20-45.18] Where you can connect with Kev

[45.18-46.37] Outro

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