[S1E12] How to unleash your best self with the adventure mindset with Adelaide


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I’m going to share with you what I’ve learnt about how to live an adventurous life and reflect on the most powerful moments with my 11 awesome experts from Season 1 of the show.

In Season 1 I wanted to challenge the portrayal of adventure as purely an outdoor pursuit, a physical endurance challenge that takes you on a journey of self discovery, stretches your comfort zone, pushes your mind to the brink, and if we dip our toes into the Heroic Age of Exploration, putting your life on the line in the pursuit of exploration - although this still holds true for some modern day adventures.

I wanted to show you that we can create adventure in our ordinary everyday lives; at our computer screen, in a cafe, during our lunch break, at the gym and anywhere else you fancy!

Adventure isn’t just something we can buy or experience now and then.

You’ll discover that adventure is a mindset, a state of being that we can bring into the everyday, by practicing and developing the 3 key ingredients: Resilience, Intuition and Chunking.

These 3 ingredients have empowered and enabled some of the world’s most badass adventurers and forward thinking minds to unleash their best self, create a life they love and live more adventurously.

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Show Notes

What To Expect

[0:45] Introduction

[1:19] Shout Outs to Abbi and Alister

[1:55] Thank you for your support!

[2:06] The key ingredients to living adventurously

[2:29] What adventure means to Angie Butler

[3:38] Natalia Komis builds upon what adventure means today

[4:35] The adventure mindset

Resilient Mindset

[4:56] Phil Parker: Our physiological tools make the difference

[6:23] Phil Parker: The mind-body connection

[7:10] Sarah Williams: We can influence our state

[9:30] Sarah Williams: Everyday women chose action over fear

[10:06] Jo Pickard: Transforming her inner voice and self-belief

[12:33] Tegan Phillips: Adventure and a positive mindset

[13:32] Tegan Phillips: Fighting fear

[16:40] Summary: How to cultivate a resilient mindset

[17:35] Laura Kennington: Resilient mindset is a muscle

[18:08] Angie Butler: Showcases Frank Wild’s resilient mindset with the shipwreck on Elephant Island, Antarctica

[20:13] Practice creates a resilient mindset

Listen To Your Intuition

[20:40] Jo Pickard: Defines intuition

[22:35] Tegan Phillips: Following your gut and heart

[24:34] Sallee Poinsette-Nash: Do your own thing and follow your true self

[26:15] Fiona Quinn: Follow your own curiosity and do it your way

[28:27] Rob Lawrence: Hell Yes!!! And following our curiosity

Creating Change And Momentum

[31:15] Introducing how to take the first step

[31:48] Jo Pickard: Small changes are catalysts for bigger changes

[32:50] Natalia Komis: One small thing can get us closer to success

[34:20] Fiona Quinn: the power of mini experiments

[35:40] Kiko Matthews: Failure is learning

[37:13] Kiko Matthews: How to take the first step

[39:00] Sarah Williams: go for it, start, break it down

Wrapping Up

[40:24] Summarising what we’ve learnt

[40:49]: Tegan Phillips: bring adventure into the everyday with the right mindset

[41:06] Kiko Matthews: #OwnTheChallenge Formula

[41:40] Laura Kennington: You can do so much more than you think

[41:46] What’s your greatest learning? Let me know in your iTunes review!

[42:10] Teaser for Bonus Svalbard Adventure Episode- out Sunday 30th July