[S1E11] How to overcome your inner demons with Tegan Phillips


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Ready to beat your fears?

Today on the show is an incredibly resilient adventuress, who is a cartoon adventure superstar. And of course, I’m talking about none other than my awesome friend Tegan Phillips!

In this episode, Tegan is open and vulnerable about facing her fears while adventuring and her candid approach to life is expressed in her original cartoons.

While listening to this episode she evokes a strong feeling and voice within that says, ‘If she can do it, then so can I’.

This has been my philosophy for the last year and has been a great driving force for me, so I thought she would be an absolute goldmine of advice for those of us who are thinking about or starting to create a more adventurous life.

We chat about how adventure was a turning point in Tegan’s life and cycle deeply into how we can change our relationship to fear.

You never know where a few cartoons and a cycle touring bicycle competition can lead you...

For our guest today, it’s opened wide a whole new world to her, full of incredible opportunities and tough challenges.

Through cycle touring and creating and completing New Zealand’s longest triathlon (you know, just 10 iron mans in 25 days - how hard can it be?!), Tegan has discovered the power of herself.

In This Episode You'll Learn

- How to change your relationship to fear

- We can have an adventure everyday with the right mindset

- How to listen to our heart and gut for guidance

3 Steps To Beating Fear

1. Start recognising the emotions of your negative thoughts, anxiety, fear etc., and turn them into a character (like a purple potato) and see that they are separate from you. You can make them small, far away, change their colour, their sound, where they are - anything you like that makes that feeling/emotion shrink and fade away.

2. Create positive thoughts and feelings like ‘I can do this’, ‘I am beautiful’ and make that into a character, perhaps it’s you, and again, change how this character looks, feels, sounds and where it is until it’s more powerful than the other character

3. Every time you feel the negative character cropping up, stop and consciously choose to listen to your positive character

Selected Links From The Episode

Find Tegan here

Unclipped Adventure / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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Show Notes

Who Tegan Phillips is in the world today

[0:00] Introduction to the show with an added surprise!

[3:20] Introducing Tegan - Sunspiration and exclamania!


[6:35] What adventure means to Tegan

[7:32] How did you get into adventure?

[8:55] How adventure has impacted Tegan’s life

Overcoming Fear

[13:05] Tegan’s transformed inner voice

[14:42] Difference in sounds and feelings between fear and heart/gut guidance?

[16:16] How to make a right decision with your heart and gut (using ice cream)

[18:41] Fear is a purple potato Cartoons and Creativity

[22:12] How Tegan got into cartoons

[24:29] How to document your adventure through drawing

[26:24] Tegan’s Creative Space

Tegan's New Zealand Adventure

[28:14] Cartoons and New Zealand’s Longest Triathlon [

32:10] Highlights from Tegan’s New Zealand adventure

[33:32] Techniques to overcome physical barriers

[34:41] Crossing the finish line

Wrapping up

[35:30] Wild Fire Questions

  • What 5 possessions would you keep?

  • 24 hour microadventure on a tandem bicycle - who would you choose and where would you go?

  • How would your life look like in 10 years

  • What would you draw on a Billboard?

[37:27] Where to connect with Tegan