[S1E06] How to stop comparing yourself to others and create the life you love with Fiona Quinn


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Fiona Quinn is a part time adventurer, entrepreneur and wild coach: where she combines her love for adventurer with helping people to grow their business.

Since graduating from university in 2010, Fiona has been forging her path as a entrepreneur.

However, it wasn't until after 2 failed businesses that she discovered the power of adventure for unlocking our best self.

In 2016 she was the first person to complete the Cam Triathlon, over 180 miles by foot, bicycle and SUP, and then went on to cycle 1000 miles, solo and unsupported, up the length of the country 8 weeks later. And she has walked the length of Great Britain - 1000miles in 8 weeks!

Following our love for adventure, we decided to record this podcast in an adventurous setting: on Box Hill, Surrey!

We were going to go wild camping, but our intuition kicked in and we decided to head home - I explain all in the episode!

By combining business with adventure, Fiona has unleashed her potential and created a life she loves.

Fiona shares the lessons she's learnt about lifestyle design, being a rebel, relationships, and following your curiosity.

Fiona believes head space and confidence are core to creating a life you love and that everything comes back to how you want to live and work.

In This Episode You'll Learn

- Fiona’s story of getting into adventure and entrepreneurship

- How Fiona uses adventure to unlock her full potential

- Importance of embracing you and doing it your way

- The power of iterating small experiments to create a big impact"

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Show Notes

Who Fiona Quinnis in the world today and our micro-adventure!

[0:45] I set the adventurous scene for the interview

[0:49] Introducing Fiona Quinn! (and a puppy briefly joins us!)

[5:30] Fiona tells us who she is in our world today

Entrepreneurship and adventure

[6:00] What sparked Fiona’s interest in entrepreneurship

[6:42] How Fiona got into adventure

[7:33] Fiona unpacks the parallels between startups and adventure

[9:25] How adventure has enabled Fiona to unlock her full potential

Embracing failure and blazing your trail

[9:36] Embrace Failure and the ‘but’

[10:18] The power of iterating mini experiments (incl. The Hot Dog story!)

[11:27] Small changes Fiona has made to get her greatest results

[12:00] Fiona’s greatest learnings from failures

[12:30] How to build momentum and resilience to blaze your trail

[13:19] Strategies to increase your resilience Fiona's adventures

[14:00] How to come up with adventures

[14:57] Fiona’s favourite adventure so far

[15:45] The kindness of strangers

[16:50] What Fiona would do differently

[17:17] Wild camping

Wrapping up

[17:53] Wild Fire Questions

  • If you were able to go on an adventure with any adventurer in the world, past or present, who would it be and why?

  • Fiona’s Ultimate adventure

  • Fiona’s 3 top tips for creating a life you love

  • What she’d put on a Billboard

  • The Adventure Book Club (with Dave Cornthwaite)

  • Books that have positively influenced Fiona

[23:30] What to expect from Fiona in the future

[24:14] Let me know your thoughts on Season 1 so far by commenting below or leaving me a review on iTunes :)