[S1E07] How to stop being negative about yourself and live your true self with Sallee Poinsette-Nash


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Sallee Poinsette-Nash is a 6’2 Londoner and entrepreneur and no, she does not play basketball.

Sallee made 2016 her Tall Year after a pivotal moment, when her high-profile client gave her just 2 hours to grieve for her gorgeous pooch before having to present.

That was the final straw. Sallee no longer wanted to pursue her career in the fast-paced world of brand advising and business troubleshooting to high-profile clients.

So in 2016, Sallee decided to say yes to all things tall, which led to her creating Tall Guides: an online magazine, backed by a global community of like-heighted women.

Tall Guides has been growing from strength to strength over the last year and Sallee was recently voted one of the most important start-up influencers in London.

We met in Fleet Street to record the interview, only to discover that we actually live a tube stop away from each other in West London!

In the background you can hear the energy of central London, which only adds to the exciting and enlightening conversation we had together.

So without further ado, let me introduce to you Sallee Poinsette-Nash and our conversation. I only hope you enjoy the episode, as much as I enjoyed creating it :)

I really enjoyed listening to Sallee's journey - how she got to where she is today having created Tall Guides magazine as part of her 'tall year' journey.

Sharing her vulnerability, her challenges, and what she is passionate about - 'people and connections', and how to build a community through authenticity and trust.

Sallee makes it seem easy to share, but sharing and revealing is brave, and it is this sharing of herself that has enabled Sallee to achieve the great things she has achieved and will go on to achieve.

Thank you for your inspiration!”

— Rachel Broome, Listener

Find Sallee here

Tall Guides | Sallee's Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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Show Notes

Who Sallee Poinsette-Nashis in the World Today

[0:44] I introduce Sallee Poinsette-Nash to you, my lovely listener

[2:30] We play the word game

[3:10] Who Sallee is today

Discovering your true, most authentic self

[4:00] How Sallee is a rebel

[4:54] How Sallee decided to be herself

[6:00] Sallee’s tips on how to re-discover who you are

Mental Health

[6:55] We chat about mental health and depression

[10:34] How Sallee healed

[11:30] Sallee’s favourite wilderness location

[12:30] The 3 things that significantly helped Sallee to heal

Sallee's Tall Year

[14:20] Sallee’s Tall Year: 2016 saying yes to all things tall

[18:45] The most surprising thing Sallee said yes to: The Tall Person Convention

[21:56] #LoveYourDifference

[23:46] Lessons learnt from creating the Tall Girl Edition Book

Tall Guides

[25:09] About Tall Guides

[26:21] What does it mean to be tall?

[28:47] Favourite experience on Sallee’s Tall Journey

[29:50] How height brought women together and authenticity & trust created a strong community

Wrapping Up

[33:49] Wild Fire Questions

  • What people never ask Sallee that she wished they did

  • Most recent positive purchase

  • How to decide which is the best notebook

  • What Sallee would place on a billboard

[37:05] Future Projects

[38:22] Where to connect with Sallee