[S1E04] How to develop a tough mindset with Laura Kennington


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Laura shares with us audacious adventures, outlandish stories and lifestyle strategies to help us unleash our best self!

Not many can claim that they were mistaken as a British spy and became a Russian celebrity while kayaking down Russia’s longest river, but Laura can!Laura is relentlessly exploring the limits of her own body and mind, from running a marathon in Nepal to creating and completing an extreme triathlon in the Channel Islands.

We dig deep into the power of challenging yourself, how a tough mindset is important for life and why you should have a morning and night time ritual to boost your awesomeness!

So if you’re curious about stretching your comfort zone, want to get juiced about achieving your goals or want to hear some tantalising stories, then tune in to listen to this incredible lady! 

In This Episode You'll Learn

- The most important lesson Laura has learnt

- 6 Strategies to strengthen your mental resilience

- Why you should have a morning and night time routine

- What it was like being a Russian celebrity and suspected spy

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Show Notes


[1:12] Introduction to Laura Kennington

[1:24] Word Game

[2:20] Who Laura is in today’s world Adventure

[2:40] What adventure means to Laura

[2:59] Why Laura became an adventure athlete

[3:20] Laura's biggest surprise on an adventure

[4:28] How to handle unexpected and bizarre situations

[5:13] Making the tough decision to call it a day

[6:20] Human Vs. Motorised adventures

[7:00] How to choose and create an adventure

[7:45] Laura's greatest learning from experimenting with the limits of her body

[8:18] Biggest self-discovery

Mental Toughness

[8:50] What is Mental Toughness

[9:30] Using your mental fortitude

[10:40] Mental Toughness strategies

[11:30] Laura's Mantra

[12:17] How to maintain a positive mindset using your inner voice

[13:00] Strategies to transform your inner voice

[13:47] What's in Laura's mental tool box

[14:48] How adventure has helped Laura in everyday life


[15:30] How to motivate yourself

Important Practices

[18:19] Morning and Night Rituals

[19:40] Meditation

[20:25] Life impacts from rituals

Adventure Training

[20:44] Laura's favourite adventure to train for

[21:40] What an average adventure training program looks like

[23:20] Training for kayaking down the River Volga, Russia

Future Adventures

[24:00] Next adventure!

[24:45] Inspiration for next adventure

[25:39] How to go from dislike of running to enjoyment

[26:54] The power of fitness coaches

Wrapping Up

[28:02] Where to find Laura

[28:53] Wild Fire Q’s

  • Best things you’ve implemented that have got you your greatest results

  • Best ice cream

  • Adventure mascot

  • Surprising fact: how Laura got into sport

  • Book, podcast and documentary recommendations