[S1E03] How to 10x your productivity, hone your focus and get organised with Rob Lawrence


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Rob Lawrence is a great friend and mentor who has been helping me develop and produce The Lilly Wild Show. 

Rob is an audio production coach who helps creative entrepreneurs, high-achieving professionals and business leaders embrace the power of sound to get their voice heard, amplified and recognised.

The amount I’ve learnt from Rob over the last 6 months has been extraordinary.

So I really wanted to get him on the show to share with you his best secrets, tactics and strategies that have enabled him to create a life he loves.

We cover a lot in this wide-ranging catch-up conversation, including his love for sound, transition into podcasting, Alpine adventure, importance of discipline, productivity, organisation and how to create a life with incredible levels of fulfilment.

Rob is a fountain of knowledge who's mastered designing his life for optimum success - in business and family

As I mentioned earlier, Rob is my mentor and producer for The Adelaide Podcast, which wouldn't be in existence today without him!

He's not only helped me create the Round Up Episode by stitching all the different pieces of audio together, he's also helped me create my story of adventuring across Svalbard into a podcast episode!

In This Episode You'll Learn

- The secret sauce to being organised

- How to be productive to get the results you want

- The Queen of all practices

- Criteria of a Hell Yes!

Selected Links From The Episode

Find Rob here

Podcast: Inspirational Creatives | Rob's Website | Epic Podcast Production

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Show Notes


[0:48] Introducing Rob Lawrence

[1:45] Word Game

[2:25] Rob in today’s world, in his own words Sounds and Podcasting

[3:30] Why Rob love’s sounds more than films

[4:47] Favourite Sound

[5:43] Sounds that gives Rob goose bumps

[6:45] How podcasting found Rob [

8:18] How podcasting has changed Rob’s life

Organisation (and Adventure!)

[9:29] What it means to be organised

[10:30] Greatest achievement from being highly organised

[11:05] Spontaneous action results in exciting Alpine adventure

[11:35] Overcoming excuses, taking creative action and working in the Alps

[13:55] Open-Thinking Mind Set

[14:53] Keeping things simple

[15:15] Secret Sauces for being organised

[16:30] First step to creating an epic organisation system

[17:05] Most powerful habit


[17:55] What it means to Rob to be productive

[19:55] How Rob has evolved his productivity to get the results he wants today

[20:54] How it feels to be organised and productive

[22:32] Challenge of sticking to the schedule

[25:05] Delving beneath the surface of focus and motivation

[26:27] Epic failure when organisation and productivity fell by the way side


[28:58] Actions to create incredible levels of fulfilment

[30:47] Criteria for a HELL YES!

Wrapping Up

[31:37] Wild fire questions

[36:21] The exciting things we can expect from Rob in the future