Finding Who You Are Through Creativity & Adventure with Natalia Komis


Are you like me and curious about how we can create a life that aligns with our true self? How we can weave the adventure mindset into our everyday? How we can be more creative and free ourselves up to discover what’s important to us, the actions and choices we need to take and make, to create a life that aligns with our most authentic self?

This week I sit down with Natalia Komis, adventure maiden, creative activator and business strategist.

Natalia entwines her passion for creativity, adventure and entrepreneurship to empower women to uncover their true self, establish their purpose, align them with their values and create a positive lasting impact.

A strong believer in living your true authentic self, Natalia founded iamadventures, and is challenging the way we work with Remote Mission, encouraging high impact positive social change in the world today.

Consistent with this ethos, Natalia is on a mission to re-define success based on the positive impact she makes and the amount of happiness it brings to her.

Natalia aligns her values with her actions, embracing adventures, walking and creative processes daily, from journalling to painting.

This is an amazing and light hearted conversation about what it means to be successful, how we can cultivate the adventure mindset and bring creativity into our daily lives, so we can align ourselves with our most authentic self and unleash our best self.

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Art is a tool that reaches Natalia's soul, that enables her to work through emotions and stuff - it's Natalia's therapy.

All of Natalia's ocean paintings are made with sea water that she’s collected at the place of the painting, bringing together the ocean, art and her coastal walks, her therapy for her mind and soul.

"In This Episode You'll Learn

- How creativity is a journey, a process and a practice to uncovering your true self

- The Adventure of Life: how we can bring a adventure mindset into our everyday

- How we can use words to discover our values, purpose and mission

1. Create your dream day using Natalia's creative walking method (32:15)

2. Join Natalia's Facebook Group: Adventure Maidens Unite

3. Get creative! Play around with a form of art to dump and express your emotions and feelings, to help you to move on, discover your true self, what you want to be and to create the life you desire!

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Show Notes

Who Natalia Komis is in the world today

[0:45] Introducing Natalia

[1:40] The Word Game & Affirmations

[3:10] Who Natalia is in the world today


[4:13] What is Success?

Adventure & Creativity

[9:37] The Adventure of Life

[13:39] What does it mean to you to be creative?

[16:56] Finding Creativity in Art and Walking

[22:10] Thoughts, Walking and Journalling

[24:30] Natalia’s Favourite Good Habits

[26:16] How to unlock your creativity

Wrapping Up

[29:17] Wild Fire Questions

  • How weird are you on a scale of 1-10?

  • Favourite Quote

  • What’s the one action our listener could take this week to achieve their goal?

[33:37] Where to connect with Natalia and future projects


Adelaide Goodeve

Adelaide is passionate about adventure and wellbeing. This year Adelaide founded Lilly Wild while participating in Escape The City's Startup Tribe, she wants to help and inspire women to adventure more because it has significantly impacted her life.