[S2E04] How to stop thinking 'I can't do that' and achieve the impossible with Squash Falconer


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"You are incredible, you can do these things and where there’s a will, there’s a way"

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I can’t do that, that’s impossible?’

This limiting thought and belief that our dreams and/or goals are impossible, is enough to paralyse even the most driven person in the world and is why many dreams are left at the back of our mind gathering dust.

Would you like to move past this?

Would you like to shift your mindset to be more positive?

Where you focus on all that you can do and your dream is in fact at the end of a road with a few blind corners, all you have to do is take one small step after another.

Well, you’re in luck, for with me on today’s episode is Adventurer, Presenter and Speaker Squash Falconer!

I knew I had to get Squash on the podcast when I read this on her website,

“I believe I was born on a lucky and brilliant day because I’m a naturally happy and very positive person, however, on that day I also believe someone said, let’s have a laugh and remove the part of the brain that says, “you mustn’t do that, it’s impossible”

This sentence really intrigued about Squash’s mindset and I wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of how Squash thinks, to discover the techniques she uses to achieve things that many of us would shy away from.

Squash holds the world recorder for the highest bum board while climbing Cho Oyu - a 7000m peak in China, and being the first British woman to paraglide off Mont Blanc. AND Squash has summited Mount Everest!

So I’m really excited to jump into these topics with Squash…

  • How you can build mental resilience and toughness

  • What you need to do to realise your dreams

  • How to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs

  • How to find the right balance between respecting fear and facing it

  • We cover many tantalising stories of adventure!

  • And much more!!

I really hope this episode helps you start taking action to realising your dreams, moves you further along your journey and provides you with some mental resilience tips that will take your game to the next level.

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P.S. I also want to give a massive thank you to Sophie Kelly from Snooks, the first British snowboard and ski outerwear brand dedicated solely to women, who introduced me to Squash. Without Sophie, this episode wouldn't exist!

Selected Links From The Episode

Find Squash Here: Squash Falconer / Instagram / Facebook

Find Sophie Kelly Here: SnooksInstagram / Facebook

Other Mentions

Women’s Adventure Expo

SuuntoRabLow AlpineSalomon

Show Notes

Introducing Squash and how she came to be a professional adventurer, presenter and speaker

[0-2:52] Introducing The Wild Show, Squash Falconer, Sophie Kelly and Snooks and review of the week!

[2:52] Who Squash is and what she does in the world today

[3.46] The moment that significantly impacted Squash

[4.56] How Squash came to be the first women to paraglide off Mont Blanc

Bum boarding down Cho Oyu, a 7000m peak in China

[9.42] How Squash bum boarded down Cho Oyu (becoming first person to do so)

[10.45] What it was like to bum board down Cho Oyu

[11.45] Did your mind go places you didn’t expect it to?

Squash’s journey to becoming the first women to paraglide off Mont Blanc

[13.15] Squash walks us through her world record breaking Mont Blanc expedition

[14.30] Were you worried about failure?

[16.40] How Squash remained focused, positive and motivated when the weather was against her

[17.35] What was it like to paraglide off Mont Blanc?

[19.15] How did you feel when you were in the air?

[22.20] How did it feel once you had achieved your adventure?

Adventuring with sponsorships

[23.03] How did your sponsors react?

[24.35] How Squash delivers on her adventures

[25.25] Squash’s proudest projects

Climbing Everest

[26.33] How Squash’s Everest Expedition came about

[28.59] What was is it like climbing Everest?

How to develop a strong and resilient mindset

[32.40] What mindset practices and tricks did you use to enhance your resilience?

[34.00] Squash’s advice for those who want to strengthen their mindset

Overcoming self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs

[36.06] Squash expands on her belief that someone someone has removed the part of her brain that says “you mustn’t do that, it’s impossible”.

[38.26] How Squash sees fear

Wrapping Up

[40.20] Wild Fire Round

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being absolutely bonkers where do you stand and why?

What’s your knicker philosophy?

Favourite knicker brand?

Song to feel fearless?

[43.10] Where you can find Squash

[43.30] How you can subscribe, leave me a review, share the episode and work with me! Email adelaide@lillywild.com

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