[S2E05] How to overcome obstacles and stay persistent to achieve your goal with Hugh Thomas


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`You’re here on Earth for one shot, so you might as well go for it!"

Do you crave a creative output? Do you want to shift things up in the world, be a little rebellious?

Hugh Thomas and Joe Benn wanted to reveal the ugly truth behind soda brands’ messages and disrupt the industry, by offering you an affordable, carbonated drink full of authenticity, rebelliousness and fun!

And they’ve done just that with Ugly Drinks.

Within a few short years, you can now find Ugly in more than 1500 stores in the UK and soon in America!

Hugh and I talk about his rollercoaster journey so far as well as….

  • What it takes to start a business

  • How entrepreneurs think

  • How Hugh and his team are changing the world one drink at a time

  • Where to start if you want to create a creative brand

  • How one failure has led to their success

  • What being an entrepreneur is all about

  • How to overcome an obstacle

  • How to stay motivated and focused


If you fancy being rebellious, use this code: theuglytruth for a  20% discount on Ugly Drinks in their online store!

I really hope this conversation helps you on your entrepreneurial journey or if you've been thinking of embarking on a new challenge, and have yet to start!

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Selected Links From The Episode

Find Hugh Here:Instagram

Find Ugly Drinks Here: WebsiteShopInstagram / Facebook / Twitter

And don't forget their 20% discount code: theuglytruth

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Show Notes

Introducing Hugh Thomas and how he came to co-found Ugly Drinks

[0] Introducing The Wild Show, Hugh Thomas and review of the week

[3] Who Hugh is and what he does in the world today

[4.20] How did Hugh’s first job at Heinz and then at Vita Coco led him to starting Ugly

[10.30] How Hugh has created a disruptive brand

You are what you drink

[13.33] Hugh is now aware of the ingredients of the products he consumes and why he’s passionate that everyone else should be too

[16.24] How do you feel about sugary drinks sponsoring sporting events

What it takes to be an entrepreneur

[18.06] Why Hugh doesn’t think about being scared of failure

[19.39] What does keeps Hugh up at night

[20.48] Why these stressors do not effect Hugh’s and his team’s motivation and focus

[21.53] Where Hugh sees Ugly going into the future

How to take the leap and go for it

[23.04] Hugh’s advice for someone who wants to take that leap and chase their dream. but something is holding them back

[25.23] Hugh’s incredible work ethic

How entrepreneurs think

[27.20] Hugh tells us of a time when something went wrong and he bounced back even stronger

[30.54] Hugh’s and his team’s process of overcoming an obstacle

[32.10] Hugh’s best tips for overcoming difficult times

[34.51] How Hugh gains clarity

[36.19] Hugh’s best Ugly moment!

Where to start if you want to create a creative brand

[38.28] What are the 3 key things you can do right now to create an engaging brand

[41.17] “Why not set off, go for it and see what happens”

[42.25] Wild Fire Round

  • Who first comes to mind when you think of someone who is successful?

  • What would your billboard say?

  • Song you play to feel fearless?

[43.30] Where you can find Hugh Thomas and Ugly Drinks, how you can subscribe, leave me a review, share the episode and work with me! Email adelaide@lillywild.com

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Big thanks to Rob Lawrenceand Mattfor production, audio engineering and for helping me make Season 2 become a reality :)

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