The Number 1 Secret That High Performers Know

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If you train hard for athletic events and/or adventures, you may be wondering why it’s important to understand how your brain works.

You get why the ‘Top 2 percenters’ use high-performance coaches, they want to take home gold, but you’re not sure how it could help you enhance your performance and life.

With that in mind, here’s the number 1 secret that high performers know about their brain.

You have the power to influence the way your brain is wired and that by changing the way your brain is wired, changes your thoughts, emotions and physiology.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, how quickly this neurological change can happen may surprise you…because it’s really quick!

Imagine that one day you walk in on your partner in bed with someone else, your love for your partner would instantly change to feelings of dislike.

And this is an example of how quickly your neurology can change: Instantly.

Another way to think about how you can re-wire your brain is by thinking of your brain like sheep in a field.


The herd of sheep always follow the Chief Sheep and each day they all follow the same pathway in the field.

Over time, this path is worn down, it becomes deeper and deeper in the field and eventually, the grass disappears leaving dirt.

Then, one day, the Chief Sheep decides that the adjacent field has much more luscious, delicious grass than their current field and it’s scattered with daisy’s, which makes it prettier too!

The grass is literally greener on the other side!

So the Chief Sheep decides to lead his herd to this new, beautiful field for grazing and instantly, a new pathway is created.

Over time, this wonderful new pathway becomes worn and well travelled. And the old, not so useful pathway is reclaimed by nature until it’s so feint, you can no longer see it.

And this is exactly how our brains work!

The more we use a neuropathway, the more worn and easier to use it becomes. However, our brain cannot tell the difference between useful and un-useful neuropathways, only which pathway is used the most.

This means that if you are unconsciously using a neuropathway that triggers stress more than calmness, your brain will make it easier for the signal to travel down the neuropathway that creates stress.

However, as described in this blog post, with the right tools and know-how, it is often quick and easy to change the neuropathway to a much more positive and useful one, such as one that creates calmness. This new fantastic pathway then becomes the brain’s favourite and the old one is soon forgotten.

So instead of feeling stressed, having the negative thoughts and physiological symptoms associated with stress, you will be able to stop these things and experience all the wonderful feelings and things that come with being utterly calm and relaxed.

How would your life change if you could be in a calm and relaxed state all of the time?