[S2E07] How to achieve your ultimate goal with Ian Finch


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"It’s important for us to remain connected to the landscape and wildlife."

While mountain biking, I love listening to podcasts and I recently heard from an inspirational guy called Charlie Jabeley on The Rich Roll Podcast, that stories are the search engine of the heart and I just loved this.

A significant amount of my work with my clients is about telling stories, to the conscious and unconscious mind. It is these stories that create the greatest transformation.

And so this phrase really struck me and reminded me of today’s episode, which is all about stories….

It's really great to have Ian Finch on the podcast and have Gav Kaps introduce Ian, as we all met 4 years ago along with our other mutual friend Tim Hopkins.

We met at Explorer's Connect’s Expedition Leadership Course at a time when we were all looking to change the direction our lives were heading in.

It’s been really wonderful to support and follow each other’s journey...

Gav is now living in the most awesome adventure van and running Osprey Imagery, using drones to create stunning films, imagery and maps!

The epic drone shots in Laura Kennington’s and my film for the British Mountaineering Council women’s film competition, Miles To Go, is down to Gav!

Tim has created an amazing app called The Land App, which enables the streamlining of land management.

And Ian Finch, my guest today, has become an outstanding adventure photographer. Ian has also been on some awesome adventures, including Pull Of The North.

Pull Of The North involved Ian and his team negotiating the Yukon River by canoe to study the region's remaining native cultures.

Ian is also a natural storyteller and his knowledge of folklore, tribal stories and the life of trees will leave you enthralled and wanting to hear more - I know I did!

For Ian, adventure comes from a place of the heart, passion and learning, where you just feel so deeply that you must fully immerse yourself in nature and a different native culture.

You disconnect from the world’s modern distractions and pressures to reconnect and plug into the vibrations and energy of nature.

Ian is looking through his camera lens for the wonderment in nature and adventure, along with the emotion, dirtiness and authentic human interaction.

Through the power of stories, Ian Finch takes us on many journeys, from canoeing down the Yukon River and connecting with nature and the native cultures, to observing a bear’s fascinating salmon eating habits to pondering the life of trees.

Sit back and relax, as you’re transported into different worlds.

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Show Notes


[2.52] Who Ian Finch is in the world today


[3.08] Pull Of The North Expedition

[8.08] What teachings stood out to Ian while on the Yukon River

Reconnecting with nature & the life of trees

[9.08] Ian’s mindfulness practices to enhance his connection with nature

[11.28] Ian’s favourite story on the life of trees

[15:18] Story about the caterpillars and the tress in the UK (AMAZING!)

[18.34] How do people react to the life of trees?

Life as an adventure photographer

[24.08] How does looking through your lens change your perspective?

[25.23] The Kodak Throw-Away-Camera Adventure

[28.12] How Ian’s connection with nature changed with the camera way

Overcoming Fear

[30.14] Why did you hold back from adventure photography as a career?

Ian’s next adventure

[35.28] Walking The Trail Of Tears 2018

Wrapping up

[41.08] Ian asks you to ponder and wonder about how everything is connected

[41.51] Wild Fire Round

  • Top 3 people that inspire Ian

  • What message he would place on a billboard

  • The 2 songs he plays to feel fearless!

[45.21] Where you can find Ian, how you can subscribe to my podcast, leave me a review and work with me: adelaide@lillywild.com

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