[S2E06] How to Live Life to the Fullest with Sophie Radcliffe


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"Do the thing that makes you feel alive."

Is this really it? Is this what I really want to do with my life? What do I really want to do? Will I succeed or fail? Should I stay where I’m comfortable?

At some point in our life, we have all asked ourselves these questions, or variants of them, but it takes a certain type of person to take action on them.

And If you’re listening to this podcast, I’m reckoning you’re that type of person

When Sophie Radcliffe started asking herself these questions, she was feeling unhappy and unfulfilled with where she was in life, so Sophie decided to take action and change her life.

Starting off small-ish, Sophie began training for adventure races and cycled London to Paris at weekends, amongst other exciting physical challenges.

All at a time when Sweaty Betty and Lulu Lemon did not exist and it was quite unusual to get up early and go training!

Still dissatisfied with where she was and yearning for even more adventures and challenges, Sophie decided to leave her 8 year career at the UK’s fastest growing tech company to start her own business and has gone on to become a successful professional endurance adventure athlete, motivational speaker and blogger.

Sophie has been inspiring and motivating me for years and I’m VERY excited to have her on my podcast!

In this episode, Sophie is going to excite, inspire and drive you to take action and even more steps towards living your most authentic self and importantly, living your life to the full.

In the words of Sophie Radcliffe, you have One Life. Live It.

Warning: Side effects of listening to this podcast include happiness, motivation and drive to take action on achieving your dreams. It will likely lead you to having too much fun, laughter and living life to the full.

4 Things You'll Discover and Learn

  • Why Sophie left her job at the UK’s fastest growing tech startup company to become a professional adventure endurance athlete, blogger and motivational speaker

  • How Sophie turned her dream into a reality - and how you can too!

  • Sophie's top tips for getting out of tough moments

  • How Sophie is helping teenage girls develop life skills and confidence to blaze their trail


I really hope this conversation helps you on your journey to being true to yourself, living life to the full and accomplishing the seemingly impossible :)

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Show Notes

Introducing Sophie Radcliffe and who Sophie is in the world today

[0] Abbi Naylor introducing The Wild Show and Sophie Radcliffe

[2.14] Welcoming Sophie on the show and discovering who she is in the world today

Sophie’s journey to becoming a professional endurance adventure athlete, blogger and motivational speaker

[4.00] Is this really it?

[9.45] Has Sophie always been into endurance sport and adventure?

[15.10] Sophie’s most memorable challenge

[18.19] How did Sophie come up with the Alpine Coast To Coast

Developing a tough mindset

[20.44] Sophie’s toughest moments

[24.48] How Sophie gets out of tough moments

Sophie’s Life Philosophy

[32.06] One Life Live It.

Sophie's new enterprise: Trail Blazers

[33.43] Why Sophie started Trail Blazers and what she hopes to achieve

Final message

[41.30] Do the things that make you feel alive

[42.45] Wild Fire Round

  • The book Sophie has gifted the most

  • What Sophie’s billboard would say

  • The song Sophie plays to feel fearless

[43.47] Where you can find Sophie, how you can subscribe to my podcast, leave me a review and work with me: adelaide@lillywild.com

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