[S2E08] How to make your lifestyle work around your money with Shannon McLay


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"We use wine and Kleenex to get our clients financially fit!"

Do you have any fears about money? Do you want financial freedom? Do you desire to go on an adventure, book a challenge or become a parent to a furry child?

Money is on our mind when dreaming of a new lifestyle, adventure or a sports event, like an Ironman.

With me today is Shannon McLay, one of the few female financial CEO’s and we aim to get you thinking differently about money.

On a side note, did you know that there are more CEOs in financial services called John than women?! It’s crazy, especially when 80% of consumer and household spending is managed by women and we make up half the workforce!

Shannon McLay left her financial services career at Merrill Lynch 4 years ago to found the Financial Gym and has been creating gym magic ever since.

Shannon and her team of 4 women teach their clients how to manage their money in a fun way and get financially fit: making their lifestyle work around your money - and they have a 90% success rate!

We don’t want money to get in the way of you achieving your dream, so tune in to pick up some money wisdom, such as no spending days, side hustling and how to plan and save effectively, along with some mind-blowing stories!

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Selected Links From The Episode

Find Shannon Here: TheFinancial Gym | Financially Blonde PodcastInstagram | Twitter

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Show Notes

Introduction [New Wild Show Intro!!]

[2.11] Discovering who Shannon is in the world today

The Financial Gym

[7.04] Wine and Learn Wednesdays, Travelling and Furry Children!

[9.03] How the finical has changed Shannon’s life and her clients’ lives

Financial Fitness

[13.55] What does it mean to be financially fit?

[18.22] Is it harder for women to get financially fit than men?

Shannon: The Elle Woods of Personal Finance

[24.44] Why did you call yourself financially blonde?

[26] How many finical services have women has a CEO?

Fear Around Money

[28.49] What are the biggest fears that come up?

[29.40] Do men and women have the same fears?

[36.35] How do you help your clients overcome their fears?

How to finance your adventure (or sports event)

[40.24] How to go an adventure when you’re afraid you don’t have the money for it?

Wrapping up

[43.33] Wild Fire Round

  • Favourite practice that keeps you financially fit?

  • If you have one billboard what would it say?

  • What song do you play to feel fearless?

[44.47] Where you can connect with Shannon McLay and the Financial Gym

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