[S2E09] How to stay motivated and focused when training and racing with Margaret Schlachter


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If you find when training or racing you're entering into a funk or have lost your mojo, then listen to Margaret Schlachter today, as she shares with us 10 powerful mindset tips and tricks to help you out!

My good friend Sarah Williams from Season 1 Episode 1 and The Tough Girl Podcast, kindly introduced me to Margaret Schaltcher and Jen Brown.

We now have a podcast mastermind every month or so and brainstorm how we can make our podcasts even better!

Jen introduces Margaret and you may recognize her from Season 2 Episode 1: From Lawyer To Sports Coach: Jen Brown On How To Train And Adventure Courageously - or from her own podcast and brand Sparta Chicks!

Margaret is one of the most badass women I know and her achievements have blown me away!

The races Margaret has done are insane - and of course, I’ve now added them to my bucket list!

Whenever I chat to Margaret I become very excited about life and fitness and feel the fire in belly roaring again, so I really wanted to share with you Margaret’s knowledge and energy,

Spartan Race founder, Jo De Sena, once called Margaret “The Amelia Earhart of Obstacle Course Racing” - so she’s defiantly a very special, and badass woman!

Margaret was the first professional female Obstacle Course Racer, ranking 5th in the world at one time, achieving podium finishes and competing in the world’s gnarliest races, which included running with live chickens, chopping down trees, competing in wetsuits and often going on for more than 24hours!

What I like about Margaret’s story is that she didn’t set out to quit her job and follow her passion for sport professionally, it just happened!

Now Margaret runs her own brand and podcast called Dirt In Your Skirt and works for the Mud Run Guide and other race events.

I love Margaret’s story because it’s one I can relate to. It really inspires me to chase after my dreams, trust the ways of the universe and after chatting to Margaret, I really believe that I can do all of this cool stuff too - like Death Race and Survival Run!

In this episode with Margaret, you’re going to find out her awesome story and the mindset tips that have helped her out of dark places, to re-discover her motivation and stay focused.

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Find Jen Here: Website | Facebook

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Introduction: New Wild Show intro - let me know what you think!

[1-1.24] Podcast Guest of Season 2 Episode 1, Jen Brown, introduces our friend Margaret Schlachter!

Welcome, Margaret!

[1.24-2.44] Who Margaret and what she does in the world today!

How Margaret got into Obstacle Course Racing

[2.44 - 5.15] ”The Amelia Earhart of Obstacle Course Racine” - Joe De Sena

[5.15- 7.20] Were you always into sport?

[7.20-10.24] Was it easy for you to transition into becoming the First Female Professional Obstacle Course Racer?

[10.24-12.39] How did it feel in 2012 being ranked the 5th professional female obstacle racer overall in the world?

How Margaret maintains a ‘balanced’ lifestyle

[12.39-14.30] What systems did you put in place to ensure you stayed focused on motivated?

[14.30-19.00] How to get your mojo back (If you lose it!)

Margaret's insane races!

[19- 25.44] Out of all the insane races Margaret’s done, which was the hardest and greatest lessons?

Margaret’s Mindset Tips

[25.44-29.37] How do you prepare mentally for the races

[29.37-34.55] How to get out of the funk

[34.55-40.20] When racing, what do you to transition into a more useful state?

Margaret’s Podcast Dirt In Your Skirt

[40.20- 43] Margaret tells us about Dirt In Your Skirt

[43- 46] What common traits have you discovered that make up a successful, high performing mindset?

Wrapping Up

[46-47.30] Anything else you would like to add to the conversation?

[47.30- 49.50] Wild Fire Round

  • Most gifted or recommended book?

  • 3 people you’ve learned from or followed closely in 2017?

  • Song to play to feel fearless?

[49.50-60] Where can we connect with you?

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