[S2E10] How to live adventurously and enhance your mental toughness with Dave Cornthwaite


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"When forced to consider you’re not coming home, that changes you’re thinking... you realise what’s important."

According to Adventurer, Speaker and Author, Dave Cornthwaite, asking ‘what’s next?’ is the very worst question to ask, which was lucky, as I wanted to talk to Dave about the mindset of adventure and delve into his most recent expedition, Schiller Bike Norway!

If you’re looking….

  • To live more adventurously

  • Enhance your mental toughness

  • Kick back and listen to a great story

…. then you’re going to LOVE this episode!

Dave is a record-breaking adventurer and best known for Expedition1000, an ongoing mission to take on twenty-five different non-motorised journeys, each over 1000 miles in distance.

Last year, he made me rather envious by completing his 14th journey, which consisted of cycling on a floating bike, the schiller bike, along 1243 miles of Norway’s incredible coast.

Dave worked with Hurtigruten and sea cycled the famous 124-year-old ferry and cargo route, known as the Hurtigruten, or "The Express Route”, from Kirkness at the top of Norway all the way down to Bergen.

It is one of the world’s most beautiful sea voyages and as Dave discovered, also most dangerous for those on floating bicycles.

Dave is also the founder of SayYesMore, a life-fulfilling movement that helps nudge people towards finding out what they're truly capable of.

And in 2015 SayYesMore sprouted the YesTribe, an outdoors-loving community of doers with thousands of members globally.

We touch upon how this incredible movement and community of people came to fruition and how you can join in too, so you can start saying yes more too!

Essential Learning Points From This Episode:

  • What it’s like to experience a moment in which you’re forced to consider that you might not return home

  • 8 different mindset tactics Dave used to influenced his mind and mood to become focused, energised and happy,

  • Highs of going on such an outstanding adventure

  • Benefits of spending all day outside now and again

  • Creation of SayYesMore and the Yes Tribe

  • How you can start saying yes more

  • The key to success

  • How to live more adventurously

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Selected Links From The Episode

Find Dave Here: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Find SayYesMore Here: Website | Facebook

Find Yes Tribe Here: Facebook

Other Mentions

The HurtigrutenThe Yes BusDownload my FREE Ebook on How To Live AdventurouslyMy Red Bull article: How an adventure mindset can help overcome the seemingly impossible

Show Notes

Introduction [New Wild Show Intro!!]

[1.20] Saying hello to Dave from the Yes Bus!

[2.11] Who Dave is and what he does in the world today

Dave’s 14th journey of his Expedition1000 mission: Schiller Bike Norway

[6.11] Expedition 1000 Number 14: SCHILLER BIKE NORWAY

[8.12] Most challenging aspect of the trip

[12.30] Second point Dave found most challenging

[23.15] What the landscape was like (and the Northern Lights!)

[30.29] Highlights of Dave’s trip

[31.53] Every adventure is different for Dave

Say Yes More

[33:50] Say Yes More, Dream Camp and building a movement

[35.51] If you’re scared about turning up to Yes Tribe solo

Wrapping Up

[39.27] Dave’s last golden nugget of wisdom

[40.13] Wild Fire Round

  • Witness protection program

  • What do people never ask you that you wish they did

  • What’s the song you play or sing to feel fearless

[42.43] Where to connect with Dave and The Yes Tribe

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