3 Ways To Re-Wire Your Brain For Happiness

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Do feel that you have no control over your mood? Then read this blog to find out how you can influence your happiness.

As I watched Dreamwork’s modern fairytale about Trolls and Bergens, I was inspired by how the story showed you 3 ways you can influence your happiness.

In this magical land, Trolls are brightly coloured, happy creatures who love to sing and dance. The Bergens are these dark coloured, unhappy creatures, who believe that they’re only able to be happy once a year on ‘Trollstice’, the day they eat the Trolls.

After the Bergens invade Troll Village, Princess Poppy, the happiest of Trolls, goes on a mission to rescue her friends and is accompanied by an overly-cautious, curmudgeonly Troll called Branch.

Their journey is filled with adventure and mishap and while rescuing their friends, they teach the Bergens how to be happy through dance and song and the Bergen’s then transform into fantastically coloured creatures.

Here Are The 3 Ways To Re-Wire Your Brain For Happiness That The Trolls And Begrens Teach:

1. Happiness Is Beautiful

Trolls are cute little creatures with a quirky hairstyle. They are vibrantly multi-coloured in energizing, bright and fun colours - some have quirky patterns, others are covered head to toe in glitter and many are block colours.

When thinking about happiness, your mind creates pictures and films containing these qualities; they're often bright, colourful, energizing and sparkle.

Close your eyes and just think about something that makes you happy, what does it look like?

The Bergens are coloured in dismal, grungy, boring and dull colours, like muddy browns, faded greens and greys. They are also heavy, hunched over and downcast.

When you're feeling unhappy about something, your mind has created an image or film that is often Bergen coloured and feels heavy. If you see yourself in the image or film, you might also find you're looking down and hunched over.

Happiness Tip #1:If you want to change how you feel about something, start by changing the quality of the image or film in your mind!

One way to do this is by imagining you’re using an Instagram filter on your image or film, you can change the filter until you find your favourite, alter the colour, saturation, brightness, focus, shadows etc.

And go with your gut, if you want to shrink the image, shrink it! If you want to add sparkles, go for it!

Change the quality of the image or film until it feels great for you! Any questions, message me via my red bot.

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2. You Can't Create lasting happiness by eating it

The Bergens believed that they could only ever experience happiness by eating the trolls, the happiest creatures alive, once a year on a day called Trollstice.

But happiness isn't a thing you can touch, eat, hold or put in a wheelbarrow. It's an emotion and feeling that you create using the power of your mind.

If you believe something with such conviction your mind will often create the outcome. The Bergens experienced happiness when they ate the Trolls, because they truly believe that was the only way to feel happiness.

Happiness Tip #2: Do you have a limiting belief you would like to change? Create an affirmation around what you want to believe.

An affirmation is the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment, it’s a way of fostering a new, powerful belief that is supported by the right mental attitude.

Your affirmation could be….

  • Simple such as ‘I am never sick’ or ‘I am an Ironman Athlete’

  • Or more complex: ‘I am guided in my every step by Spirit who leads me towards what I must know and do.’

Once you’ve created your affirmation, write it down 3 times in the morning and in the evening. If you want to change from an unhelpful to a powerful state during the day, then repeat your affirmation.

Over time, you'll install this new belief and take your level of happiness to the next level.

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3. We can create happiness, fast

One of the quickest ways to change state is through the power of music and movement - something the Trolls mastered!

The trolls love to sing and dance and do this every day along to their favourite energizing and happiest songs.

When Princess Poppy goes to rescue her friends, Branch is reluctant to join her, so Poppy starts her adventure solo. Poppy feels scared and self-doubt, so she sings a song about overcoming obstacles, succeeding, feeling happy and confident!

Using song and dance the Trolls teach the Begrens how to be happy, who have been depressed for generations. The Bergens install the new belief and thought pattern almost instantly and transform into wonderful happy beings - this is how quick you can re-wire your brain too!

Happiness Tip #3: Not feeling as happy as you'd like? Stick on your favourite song and if you want to, do a little boogie!

Read about how to develop your ultimate playlist here!