[S2E17] How to be a weekend warrior with Adelaide

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“Lesson No.1: Building an igloo is very difficult!”

Erin Hackett, my best friend



Our careers, jobs and responsibilities often get in the way of our adventures. Sometimes we think that adventures are only for holidays, but this is not the case. My podcast guests have told us and other cultures show us, such as the Norwegian philosophy friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv), that adventures are to be had during the week and at the weekend - and it’s up to us how epic they truly are!

Adventures are great for recharging and revitalising tired minds, enhancing our creativity, increasing our confidence, stretching our comfort zone, and boosting our happiness and wellbeing!

Last year I decided to have a really epic adventure with my best friend and this is what we got up to… (some of the episode we recorded within an igloo!).

I remembered meeting Alex Narracott from Much Better Adventures, a platform that helps you to be the ultimate weekend warrior, and we went with them - to be clear, they’re not a paid affiliation, just a company I highly recommend!

Today is simply a story about building an igloo and snow shoeing with my best friend, and my musings of friluftsliv .

I hope you enjoy this story and it inspires you to make the most of your coming weekend!

Yours thoughtfully


Show notes

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[0-9.32] How we built an igloo and what it was like in the igloo!

[9.33- 15] What it was like waking up in an igloo, breakfast, snowshoeing and post-micro-adventure

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