What is mindset coaching?

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The biggest asset in the world is your mindset.
— Gary Vaynerchuk, chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, 5-time NYT bestselling author
If it weren’t for hitting this move, I would have dropped at least five spots at adaptive nationals.

Everything felt harder than it should have. I got hung up on a route that I should have sent on the first try. When I got to this one, I fell on my first try at the big sloper. I didn’t have much time left, not enough to wait through to get another shot at it. If I missed, I’d be in desperation mode. But I hit it.

So much credit for that goes to Adelaide Goodeve, who has been my mindset coach for the past few months.

It hasn’t been long but meeting with her every week helped so much for confidence, focus, and relaxing. It’s been really tough training for both climbing and a marathon at the same time. Particularly from the mental side of things.
— Steve Hinson, USA Paraclimbing team member

Deciding that you want to change your mindset is easy, actually changing your mindset can be tricky without the right tools, tactics, knowledge and expertise. 

Just like how a pro triathlete wouldn’t try to rank number one in the ITU World Triathlon Series or win the Ironman World Championship without a physical trainer, you wouldn’t try and optimise your mindset without seeking expert help.

I believe mental fitness matters more than physical, especially when it comes to elite level sport. This is because everyone puts in similar hours of training, they’ve dialled in their nutrition and recovery, so when it comes to the race, it’s their mindset that will single them out as champions.

Here’s a quick explainer of what a mindset coach is and the results to expect:

What’s the role of a mindset coach?

The role of a mindset coach is to support you in getting what you want. It’s that simple.

All mindset coaches should have a range of tools that can really revolutionise and transform the issues you’ve been experiencing. It’s like when you chuck out your old fridge and install a brand new one, the old one is totally gone unless you re-install it.

A coach will work by your side to find the solutions with you - and you’ll often be surprised to discover that the solutions are already within you! 

With that in mind, I really love the following definition of a coach by author and international performance coach Timothy Gallwey:

Your Performance = Your Potential - Your Interference

It very clearly highlights that only we are responsible for our performance and that we have unlimited potential, often we just get stuck or just aren’t quite sure how we can tap into it.

The role of a coach is therefore to help you minimise your conscious and unconscious interference, realise your unlimited potential, and optimise and maximise your performance, so you can deal with any situation in the best way possible.

What will each coaching session be like?

Each coaching session you have should be a powerful and inspirational conversation that drives and helps you to create the change you desire, empowering and enabling you to perform at your best, consistently.

A truly great coach will tailor each session to you and use a variety of tools to guide and help you break old, un-useful patterns of behaviours, thoughts and beliefs, and create new productive, powerful and positives ones instead.

They’ll assist you to create more choice as to which emotions, thoughts and feelings you choose to enter in a given situation, as well as the powerfulness of these things.

What results should you expect?

With me, you can learn the tools that changed my life—and my clients’ races and competitions. 

Through my own journey and the journeys of my clients, I’ve learned that your physical self has limits, but with the right path and tools, you can develop a performance mindset to help you accomplish the unbelievable.

I extend my athletes’ training to sharpen their most under-utilised tool at their disposal: their brain. If they want to shave minutes off their time, have a more enjoyable race, or even want to complete in their first competition, I’m here to teach them that it’s all possible. 

My approach has helped a client knock time off a 3.9km swim—when he thought it was impossible. Another client shaved 2 seconds from his monthly time trail with a single session the night before. A different client won silver at the Paraclimbing World Championships. If you’re in a rut, aimless, or petrified of mediocrity, my athlete coaching services are your answer.

I know firsthand what it feels like to overcome the impossible. And I know that whatever is in your way can be obsolete with the right tools. I’ll show you how.

To see how we can work together, send me an email to adelaide@adelaidegoodeve.com or explore my coaching page: https://www.adelaidegoodeve.com/coaching