3 Steps To Improve Your Inner Voice


How often has your inner voice stopped you from achieving your goals and dreams?

I would guess that for a lot of us, our negative inner voice has stopped us from;

  • Putting ourselves into uncomfortable social situations where we might meet like-minded people

  • Starting a new business, writing a book and/or getting our ideas out there into the world

  • Sticking to a new training program or diet

  • Preventing us from adopting new habits and ditching the old, not so useful ones

  • Learning a new and incredible skill, like climbing or open water swimming, because we might not be able to do it or worried about what other people think

  • Embarking on an adventure because we’re scared to go on our own or not sure if we’re good enough

  • And many other things…

I’ve experienced all of this myself, and I know many people whose inner voice has also left them lacking self-confidence, feeling like an imposter and believing that they can’t do something.

Well, I say enough is enough. It’s not fair that we shouldn’t be able to influence our inner critic and transform it into our positive force for good.

Our inner voice is always with us and learning how to transform it into our personal cheerleader, so we can feel worthy, self-confident, positive, powerful; so we can hit our goals; so we can have a can-do attitude… now, that’s a real game changer.

How would your life transform if you could improve your inner voice for the better? Follow the 3 steps below to find out!


Here Are 3 Steps To Improving Your Inner Voice

Step 1: The Stop

Notice when your inner voice is being negative and immediately say “Stop” - out loud or to yourself. 

This will give you the opportunity to step in and change it.

Step 2: Change Your Negative Inner Voice

Close your eyes and think about how your negative inner voice sounds.

Use the tricks below to alter this voice, so the voice loses its power… like when you lose radio reception when you go into a deep tunnel.

I really enjoy turning the volume down and then pushing the source of the sound so far away, that I can no longer hear it… ahh bliss!!

Different things work for different people, so give them a go and discover which ones work best for you!

Ways to distort the sound of your inner voice

  • Change the voice tone to one that makes you laugh e.g. Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous, Miranda Hart, Michael Macintyre etc.

  • Speed up the voice so it sounds super fast and the words blend together, like it used to sound when you fast forwarded a video tape

  • Use a knob to turn down the volume so you can barely hear it or a flicker to mute it

  • Other ways you could change sound: slow it down, add distortion like a robot, add crackles like someone is tuning it and out, make it fuzzy, make it a sing-song voice or anything else that works for you!

Ways to move the source of the sound

  • Push it really far away from you so you can hardly hear it

  • Move it behind or below you, to the opposite side of where it’s coming from, outside, under water, into a hole, whatever floats your boat!

  • Watch the source of the sound roll over an edge into a vast chasm

Step 3: Creating Your Powerful Positive Inner Voice

This is my favourite part because you can get as creative and crazy as you like! 

If I want my inner voice to exude confidence, it sounds very firm, clear, loud(ish) and has a ‘Don’t Give A F*ck’ quality about it!

If I want my inner voice to emit calmness, it speaks very slowly and sounds serene, as if an angel was speaking.

Ways to create your supportive and loving sound

  • Adjust the volume so it’s just right

  • Make the voice tone sound congruent to what you desire, for example, if you desire self-confidence, then have your voice sound clear, firm and energetic. However, if you want to feel calm and relaxed, have your voice slow down and sound peaceful and beautiful

  • Bring the source of the sound in front of you and close to you, wherever it feels the most powerful and loving

Creating your positive stories and phrases

  • Hear your new fabulous inner voice saying to you all of the amazing things that you want to hear, such as I can do this, I am calm, positive and serene, I am beautiful etc.

  • Only use positive language to give your brain the best direction about what you want, for example, instead of saying I don’t want to feel stressed >> say I want to feel calm and peaceful

This clip from one of my favourite Cool Runnings will give you some inspiration!

Transformation can happen very quickly and to ensure your inner voice transforms into a real positive powerhouse, practice these steps a few times until it becomes easy and automatic.

So now is the time to remove "can't" from your vocabulary. The answer is: YOU CAN!

Discover how TV Presenter and Video Producer Jo Pickard transformed her inner voice and how this one thing catapulted her career and life.

Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker or here: The Wild Show, Season 1 Episode 2 - Jo Pickard - inner voice, intuition and improvisation at the Olympics.