10 Women That Are Inspiring Me In 2018

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Happy International Women’s Day!

If you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, then read my list of 10 Inspirational Women below to get your juices and energy flowing!

 For me, #PressforProgress stands for: uniting all genders across the globe, to be inclusive and thoughtful of each other.

I find anyone with an incredible and powerful story inspiring and motivating, both historic and current.

You’ll notice that my podcast is inclusive of both genders and there’s pretty much a 50/50 gender split. I tend to have woman start and end my podcast series, but in the middle is mix of all genders!

We’ve come so far as women and with gender inclusivity, but more needs to happen, as I’m especially learning from one of my great friends who is an activist for those who have left their religion and those whose gender orientation doesn’t match their religion and are being heavily discriminated against to the worst degree.

To celebrate International Women’s Day here are the…

10 Women That Inspire And Motivate Me

  1. Anna McNuff


Anna’s brilliant smile, boundless energy and marvelous humour are infectious and I can’t get enough!

Anna is on a mission to find the limit of my own potential and hoping to help you unlock yours too, by exploring the world through long human powered journeys.

Last year Anna cycled across South America with her friend Faye and she’s currently embarking on a Canadian adventure!

Anna’s other adventures include cycling 7 months and 11,000 miles through every US state on a pink bike and running the length of New Zealand, following all 1,911 miles of the Te Araroa trail.

2. Megan Hine

Megan is probably one of my all-time adventure heroes!

She is a British adventurer, wilderness expedition leader and survival expert, as well as one of Bear Grylls’ two survival captains on ITV’s “Bear Grylls’ Mission Survive! Her lifelong thirst for travel and adventure has led her to amass a huge amount of expertise and experience in all aspects of the outdoors & remote wilderness environments.

By pushing her mental and physical limits in extreme environments, Megan has explored remote jungles, arid deserts and high and cold mountains; taking private clients, celebrities and television crews to extreme and beautiful places that they didn’t even know existed!

Listen to Megan on The Adelaide Podcast here.

3. Sophie Radcliffe a.k.a. Challenge Sophie


Sophie is fuelled by her philosophy ‘One Life. Live It’, which has led her to become an adventurer, endurance athlete, blogger and speaker.

She believes that everyone has the capacity to achieve something extraordinary and is on a mission to inspire and help you transform your life, to make the magic happen.

Sophie’s challenges include becoming the first person in history to have climbed the highest mountains in the eight Alpine countries and cycled between them, climbing five times the height of Mount Everest in 32 days; cycled 300km from London to Paris in 24 hours more than nine times and is a two-time Ironman finisher!

Listen to Sophie’s incredible story on The Adelaide Podcast and discover how she’s turned her dream into reality and her top tips for getting out of tough moments!

4. Phoebe Smith


Phoebe has mastered the fine art of adventuring in your sleep with Extreme Sleeping!

Her love of wild places (and sleep!) has led Phoebe all over the world and to the most ‘exotic’ places in the UK.

In 2014 Phoebe set herself the Extreme Sleeps Challenge and she slept at all of the extreme points of mainland Britain, solo and on consecutive nights. These included the highest, lowest, northernmost, southernmost, easternmost, westernmost and centremost reaches of our island!

I chatted to Phoebe on The Adelaide Podcast about wild camping, bothying, how to overcome fear and much more! Tune in here.

5. Emily Penn

Our oceans are in dire straits and thankfully we have Emily leading the helm to heal our oceans. Emily is on a mission to clean up our planet of plastic and help our ocean.

She is a skipper, ocean advocate and artist, dedicated to studying environmental challenges in the most remote parts of our planet. 

Emily has organised the largest ever community-led waste cleanup from a tiny Tongan island, trawled for microplastics on a voyage through the Arctic Northwest Passage and rounded the planet on the record-breaking biofuelled boat Earthrace.

I’m so thankful we have Emily as one of our ocean warriors, she inspires and motivates me to clean up my consumption and shows us that anything is possible.

6. Sarah Williams


Sarah has become a really good friend since our first podcast episode together last year! Sarah is inspiring and motivating women 24/7 with The Tough Girl Podcast, which showcases women of all types that have overcome great challenges.

We regularly meet up online and offline to discuss podcasting, how we can press for progress and promote our brands to help more and more girls and women!

Check out Sarah’s episode here to learn how to develop a resilient mindset and overcome fear and Sarah’s story of swapping a banking career for one promoting women!

7. Margaret Schlachter


Until I interviewed Margaret for The Wild Show I had no idea just how much of badass she really is!

Margaret became the very first professional female obstacle course racer and has raced in some seriously insane endurance races, including Death Race! All of which are now on my bucket list!

As well as being a successful athlete, Margaret has a popular brand and podcast, Dirt In Your Skirt, for women who want to live a life they love and take their athletic endeavors to the next level.

Tune into my conversation with Margaret to discover how to develop a tough mindset, from one of the toughest female athletes!

8. Helen Russell

Some of you may not have heard of Helen Russell, but for me, she is one of my favourite authors.

Helen has written two books which encompass how to overcome challenges, improve your lifestyle and unlock your best self - all of which are wrapped up in terrific humour!

Helen’s books have inspired and motivated me to look at how I could make living in Norway become a reality and to write my own book at the end of the year - I’ve already started planning and writing the content!

9. Lele Pons

I found out about Lele Pons last year when Forbes published an article stating that she had the most watched Instagram videos of 2017.

I was super impressed as she wasn’t a big celebrity and also intrigued as to what Lele was posting. I was expecting an account filled with celebrity gossip, airbrushed and revealing images and pictures of a lavish lifestyle.

Wow. Was I wrong.

I am now a BIG fan of Lele and she has inspired me with my account and a piece of content that will be coming out late March/April sometime. I’m really excited about it and something I would never have thought producing!

Lele is simply hilarious and shows the ups and downs of being a vines superstar, comedian, singer, dancer and influencer with laughter and a good dose of reality. Her stories always make me laugh and they push me to go out of my social media comfort zone!

10. This one is for all women!

I’m inspired by all you women out there who are pushing your boundaries, whether you’re mums, single, married, divorced, widowed, fur parents, adventurers, entrepreneurs, athletes, stay at home, work 9-5, don’t want to have children, travellers, influencer, etc. all of you.

Every single one of you; you are my cup of tea!

I have so many messages from women who have come to me via my podcast and blog and say they’ve been motivated and inspired by the conversations, my story or blog post. And yet is I who is grateful to you, you continue to inspire, motivate and drive me to unlock my best self, reach my potential and to pursue helping you all achieve your greatness.