[S2E14] Extraordinary 36 year racing in single, double and triple Ironmans with Mark Kleanthos


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”! finished the double Ironman and thought what’s next?" It’s hard to introduce ultra endurance triathlete MarkKleanthos, his journey and achievements have been extraordinary.

However, Triathlon 220 magazine recently asked on Twitter who has inspired and helped you on your triathlon training, and this is what I said.

Last year I was training for Ironman Barcelona and was running into some difficulties 3 weeks or so before the race.

Mark swooped in and rescued me - if it wasn't for his nutrition and hydration advice I wouldn't have become an Ironman.

Ironman Barcelona was such an important journey for me, because in the past I have suffered from severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and since fully recovering a few years ago, I have been on a journey to see just what my body and mind can do.

Becoming an Ironman was a very important part of this journey, so I’m exceptionally grateful to Mark for helping me make my dream come true.

I didn't expect to be bitten by the triathlon bug, but I have been.

I really love Mark because he understands the adventurer and dreamer inside of me. He doesn't shy away from my ultimate dream, to finish Norseman, even thou I am far from that finish line at the moment.

With Mark I'm filled with inspiration, motivation, confidence and a knowing that with his help, expertise and friendship, I will achieve my next dream: to become a Norseman.

Mark’s achievements are so extraordinary and drive me to achieve my potential and reach even higher, here are some of Mark’s most impressive feats;

  • Participated in triathlon from the UK’s very first race in 1983 and has not missed a journey since in his 36 year career

  • Competed in over 39 Ironmans

  • 2 double Ironmans - he broke 2 British records and finished the second race in under 24 hours

  • Triple Ironman - that’s non-stop, a 12.6km swim, 550km cycle and 126km run in 45 hours 58 mins 20 secs.

  • 1000 press ups in just under 30 minutes - again breaking the world record at the time

I’m really excited to introduce you to Mark, as I hope he’ll inspire you to pursue your passion, reach for the stars and put in the hard work.

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Listen to Part 2 with Mark Kleanthos here on how to work out how much you need to eat/drink during race day and training - and why it’s vital

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Show Notes

[0-0.24] Braveheart Tri shout out

[0.40-10.35] Mark Kleanthos and his 36 year experience in triathlon

[10.35-16] What it was like competing in the UK’s first ever triathlon and his top takeaways

[16-19.55] Mark’s second epic triathlon: 3.2km (2 mile) swim between Brighton’s 2 piers, 50km (32 miles) race walk,161km (100 mile) cycle ride and 42km (26 mile) run in 17 hours.

[19.55-24.39] Did Mark know his first triathlon would lead him down this extraordinary path?

[12.39-35.30] Why did Mark choose to compete in 2 double and 1 triple Ironmans

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