[S2E15] How to optimise your hydration and nutrition for triathlon with Mark Kleanthos


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“Believe you can achieve and you can achieve anything.”

- Mark Kleanthos, triathlon coach



How do I optimise my nutrition and hydration for maximise performance? A question all triathletes (and athletes) of varying experience asks themselves and experts.

Optimising your nutrition and hydration strategy during training and racing can help you increase performance, recover quicker and boost your mood.

This week I’m back with endurance triathlete and coach Mark Kleanthos, who has competed in more than 40 Ironmans, two double Ironmans and one triple Ironman! Mark is my triathlon coach and he has been helping me to optimise my performance for half and full Ironmans, and adventures for over a year.

In Part 2 of our conversation today, we chat about his mindset, the importance of hydration and nutrition, and how you can optimise your strategy.

Today we go through his mindset, and optimising hydration and nutrition for triathlon training and races - however, if you’re competing in any sport, you’ll find his advice helpful. I know climbers have! Specific topics covered include:

  • importance of knowing how to calculate and consume how many calories you need to eat an hour when racing and training;

  • importance of staying hydrated. Did you know that for every 2% decrease in your hydration, your performance drops 10%?

  • how to optimise our hydration to maximise our performance

  • how to mentally prepare yourself for race day

This is a action-taking episode that can help you realise your race ambitions, and fine tune your performance, both in training and racing. I hope you enjoy it and are able to experience the benefits of applying these techniques.

Yours thoughtfully


Show notes

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[0-1.52] Introduction to Part 2 of my conversation with Mark

[1.52-4.42] How Mark mentally prepared for a Triple Ironman

[4.42-8.04] How Mark works out how many calories he needs to consume for a race/while training

[8.04-14.22] How Mark works out how much he needs to drink during a race/while training and why it’s important

[14.22-16.50] Mark’s go-to race breakfast

[16.50-24.15] Wild Fire Round

[24.15-25.43] Let you in on a secret about my last guest of Season 3

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