Don't know how to get out of town more often? Start here.

Are new to the outdoor stuff and would love to get out of town more often and try something, but don’t even know where to start?

As I mentioned in my Red Bull article, 8 Things We Learned At 2018’s Women In The Outdoors Week, joining a community of like-minded badass adventurers is the best way to start. Below I’ve included a list of all of the online and offline communities that will help you get out more, try something new and reach your potential.

Brands and Companies I Love:


Much Better Adventures

Award-Winning Adventure Holidays, Weekend Breaks and Ski Chalet Holidays. I’ve met the founder Alex Narracott and he is really lovely and I’ve been on one of their weekend getaways in Geneva which you can listen to here.


Explorers Connect

The community of adventurers founded by Belinda Kirk, a really awesome human being who helped me start my adventure journey many years ago. Join the adventure revolution.


Don’t forget to search here for local like-minded groups doing fun things!


Chris Ducker

Chris, who I’ve met and can say is really awesome, is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, biz coach, blogger and podcaster! He’s my go-to guy when I need help on building my personal brand and business.

Janet Murray

Another incredible woman who I’ve met and worked with on several occasions. Her book has transformed my business and landed me a dream job. If you want to know how small business owners are being featured in The Guardian, Marie Claire and Huffington Post, Janet’s your woman!

Facebook Communities for Inspiration, Like-Minded People and Free (or nominally priced) Events:


Tough Girl Tribe

Run by fabulous friend and podcast guest Sarah Williams. This is a paid community for YOU, the listeners of the Tough Girl Podcast. It’s a close knit community of women where they can engage, connect and to find support from other Tough Girls.


The Yes Tribe

A growing tribe of doers dedicated to making life count through adventures and fun activities in and out of London. Founded by podcast guest, Dave Cornthwaite.


Adventure Queens

A growing community of adventurous women that provides practical information on all things wild camping and adventure for females, along with awesome camp outs.

Love Her Wild

A supportive female adventure community for women to get answers & inspiration on adventures of all shapes and sizes, and they run events and adventures.

GO London hiking

Go-London, hiking walking and outdoor adventure club. Day hikes, weekend adventures and overseas trips.

Tales of Adventure

The Tales of Adventure evenings are a rapidly expanding, regular speaker event with a focus on adventure, exploration and inspiration.


MTB Chix&Trails

A supportive place for girls to talk bikes. We all started somewhere and we are all heading somewhere. Some fast, some slow, but we love our bikes, riding our bikes and talking about bikes.

Outdoor Swimming Society

A facebook group where Outdoor Swimming Society members chat, arrange to go swimming, and share images, videos and swimming community chat.

Trail And Ultra Running

A fun, supportive community of trail and ultra runners, new and experienced alike!

Trail and Ultra Running **LADIES ONLY**

A LADIES ONLY group we can cheer each other on, whine a bit, and share the icky stuff we may not want the boys to see!

Project Awesome London Social

This is just a group of awesome folk who do mega stuff - fun free fitness all over London.


#TrackEast is on every Thursday at Mile End Park Stadium starting at 6:45pm. Session is open to everyone regardless of ability or experience and whether or not you've ever run with us at another #RunDemCrew session before.


Womenclimb: Find a Climbing Partner

Join the Womenclimb community and find a climbing partner to buddy up with.


Pathetic Triathletes Group

A place for triathletes to share their triathlon experiences...but for those of us that understand that just because we can do three sports in a row we are not elitists!

Women For Tri

A place to discuss all things women, training & triathlon. This is a group administered by the IRONMAN Women For Tri Committee of Advisors.

The Ironman Journey

A group for people who have decided to make the Journey to become an Ironman.


The Miracle Morning™ Community

A highly engaged community consisting of 100,000+ like-minded, inspired individuals, from around the world, who wake up each day and support each other in fulfilling the unlimited potential that is within each of us.


The Remote Mission Community - Work for Global Impact

Created by another awesome podcast guest, Natalia Komis, this is a community of people and businesses who are wanting to make a positive difference in some way. Who care about people & planet and who want their job and life to reflect this.


Coffee With Dan

A place for entrepreneurs who want to get shit done, have more fun, make more profit all while simply BEING THEMSELVES- without being pitched to left/right/centre, being fed crap about 'the universe' and understand the value of DOING THE WORK to GET SHIT DONE.

Soulful PR: tips & advice for promoting your business

Learn how to promote your business more effectively so you can make more money. Post your questions/ ideas and share your experiences here.

What's your favourite community? Let me know by dropping me a message via my red messaging bot on my site!