[S2E01] How to dream big, take action, and move through fear and self-doubt with Jen Brown


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"Do It Scared!"

I strive to live courageously and bravely, to stare fear down and take action despite of it.

I’ll be the first to hold up my hand and say that I’m not perfect, sometimes fear, anxiety and the feeling of not belonging creates road blocks along my path.

Sometimes I can be staring at the edge of a chasm for a while, knowing I must to jump to get closer to achieving my goal, but something is holding me back.

In the past I might have ignored it, focused on something else that’s a more comfortable. But I would always come back to that chasm, staring across to the other side, imaging what my life would be like if I just took that leap.

It could have been fear of failure holding me back, or fear of disappointing my family, or because I felt I didn’t have the right skills, knowledge or ability, or something else.

But then one day several years ago, I started taking mini leaps, jumping onto stepping stones that would eventually lead me to my desired destination.

And I discovered that as I practiced stretching my comfort zone, becoming a little more daring, I started to fear less and began taking more giant leaps.

Now don’t get me wrong the giant leaps, are still a lot scarier! But I’m now excited to take them, who knows what exciting things may happen on the other side!!

But as I said, I’m not perfect and in some areas of my life I would like to fear a little less. And having spoken to my friends and clients, I think many of you would like to fear a little less too.

So this week I sat down with Jen Brown, a reformed lawyer who is now a running and triathlon coach and owner of Sparta Chicks: a global online community for brave female triathletes and trail runners, who are committed to living their dreams.

Jen found that as she coached more and more clients, she was helping them find the truth in the story they told themselves and challenge what they could and couldn’t do, what they should and shouldn’t do and what is and isn’t true.

And through her coaching Jen transforms women into Sparta Chicks! Brave and courageous women and men who dream big, take action and share how they move through their fear and self doubt.

In this powerful conversation, we delve into how you can cut through your bull sh*t that your inner critic tells you and re-write your stories into powerful, positive ones that will have you reaching for the stars!

Ultimately it’s about dreaming big and choosing how you chase them, not allowing fear, self-doubt or anxiety to make the decisions for you.

I absolutely love Jen. We have a podcast mastermind every month with Sarah Williams from Tough Girl Podcast and Margaret Schlachter from Dirt In Your Skirt podcast, where we share ideas, success, troubleshoot and laugh! Jen is a great mentor and role model and I’m aspiring to her level of service.

This conversation is simply awesome.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the listen.

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