[S2E02] How to be resilient and compete in your first Ironman race with Will Usher


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"Some of the best things in life are enjoyed retrospectively and endurance training is definitely one of those things"

Last year I met with Will Usher in a Costa Coffee that’s next to Guildford’s train station. I had no idea what to expect, I just knew this was the man who would be able to help me fulfil a dream I’ve had for around 8 years: to become an Ironman.

I was slightly nervous and as I had arrived first, I was left making the unnerving decision of whether I buy my own coffee first or wait for the person to come and then buy the coffee for us.

I know it really doesn’t matter, but I never know which is the best course of action and it’s a conundrum I still face today!

So once we had a steaming hot coffee in front of us, we opened Will’s laptop and started looking at the possible races I could enter!

My surroundings melted away as I was absorbed with awe and excitement about what I might achieve next year!

I was so excited and nervous. I was coming completely cold into every discipline: swimming, cycling and running.

At this point I had never been open water swimmer, run more than 15km nor did I own a road bike.

As Will says in this conversation, I was a ‘very interesting project’.

We chose Ironman Barcelona as it’s a super flat course compared to others and it was also Will’s major race of the year, so at least I wouldn’t be doing it solo.

This was September 2016.

Fast forward to September 30th 2017 at 10:44:03pm I crossed the finish line and became an Iron(wo)man, in just 13:55:20!

I won’t mention that Will did his in only 9:50:45, crossing the finish line at 6:17:43pm, finishing in the top 50 of his age group!

With Will’s help and training I was able to fulfil my dream, but over this year I have accumulated many questions for him that I have yet to ask him and I also wanted to find out in detail how he found the race.

My plan was to do an interview the next day, but I was absolutely shattered and could barely string a word together!

Will and I hope you really enjoy this episode and find it helpful in fulfilling your Ironman endeavours :)

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