How a bespoke 1-day mindset bootcamp can help you achieve extraordinary performance

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So you decided that the 2019 triathlon season is going to be your season, but you’re not experiencing the results you’d hoped for, or do you just want to take your performance to the next level?

What next? Well a mental fitness training program and a bespoke mindset bootcamp is just what you need to get started.

What is a bespoke 1-day mindset bootcamp?

My bespoke 1-day mindset bootcamp is a 1-day bootcamp (that can also be spread across a couple of days to fit in with work/family) completed at your home or current training location. It’s designed to assess your strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint the key areas you need to improve, and create a unique roadmap to achieving extraordinary performance.

Depending on your needs, you’ll be provided with check lists, recordings and a performance profile sheet to make sure you stay consistent and on track.

How can the bootcamp help you achieve extraordinary performance?

We’ll have a 30 minute call before the bootcamp to uncover your challenges, what you want to work on and your desired outcome. This will form the basis of your bootcamp; however, if something unexpected crops up and it’s important to solve that issue, we will change our focus. This bootcamp is designed and created for you, which allows us to be flexible on the day and achieve maximum results!

The bootcamp takes you through a performance enhancing process that starts by taking a broad look at what your ‘job’ is as a triathlete (e.g. one of my pro triathlete’s job is to swim, cycle and run as fast as possible), before zooming into the 5-8 key things you need to focus on each year, quarter, month, week and day.

The bootcamp includes a performance profiling sheet to help you track and plan annually, monthly and weekly. For those who prefer more 1-1 support, guidance and accountability, 1-1 bi-weekly or weekly coaching is a great option following on from the bootcamp. Find out more about my coaching services.

How to stay consistent with your mindset training

Consistency is key when it comes to mental fitness and the bootcamp is designed to help you maintain your mental training - especially when combined with weekly or bi-weekly coaching.

But when you get busy, it’s all too easy to put mental training at the bottom if your to-do list. Often the hardest (and sometimes most time-consuming) part of mental training is creating the programme. By completing your bespoke 1-day mindset bootcamp, you’ve already done the difficult part!

When you’re feeling pressure and/or stress, or you’re not quite hitting your goals, and/or not having the season you expected, just refer to the roadmap we created and your performance profile, and hone in on the mental practices and physical training (as advised by your trainer) we detailed. 

Once you’ve been on a mindset camp or signed up to my weekly or bi-weekly coaching, I’m only a email or phone call away to help and guide you on regaining your clarity too. 

All of this will help you stay consistent in a easy, calm and confident way.

What results can you expect from a bespoke 1-day mindset bootcamp?

I designed a bespoke 1-day mindset bootcamp for Allan Hovda, one of Norway’s most successful endurance triathletes last month. We decided to split the coaching over 3 days at his home in Oslo, because Allan also works part-time and is the primary carer for his son when he’s not working.

I’ve been coaching Allan since his win last year at Norseman 2018 and we knew the key things we wanted to work on during those 3 days. This included going into the nitty gritty of his performance at IM Texas (where he broke the Norwegian Ironman record), reviewing his performance profile, creating a roadmap for 2019 Xtreme Triathlon World Championships at Iskalr Norseman Extreme Triathlon and honing other elements of his race mindset. An unexpected issue did come up and we decided it was really important, so the last day changed from our original outline.

Photo credit:  Agurtxane Concellon

Photo credit: Agurtxane Concellon

[To find out more about how I’ve been working with Allan, read his blog ‘Going mental with Adelaide Goodeve’]. 

We timed the bootcamp so we could really test the success of our mental training at the Halv-Fet half-ironman distant race - with luck, Allan was also racing against two elite athletes going for podium finishes at 2019 Norseman: Kjell Magnus Antonsen and Kristian Gruue.



One element we really worked on was Allan’s swim mindset and this really paid off, as Allan was first out of the water for the first time! 

In Allan’s own words for the rest of the race:

‘I got my ass kicked on the bike by Kjell Magnus Antonsen and was almost certain that Kristian Gruue would catch me on the run when reducing my lead from 2:30 to 1 minute on the first 4k. 

I didn't feel great during the run and losing roughly 1:30 minute of my 2:30 lead during the first 4k. I was sure I was getting caught up.

Focus on your competitors is not helpful, because it's nothing you can control. 

For that reason I said a loud and clear NO and focused on what I could control. Relaxing my face, shoulders, arms and getting my hips forward. Dialling in the correct intensity and follow the nutrition plan. 

Luckily I held a steady pace [on the run] and finished Halv-Fet triathlon in 4:02:55, a new course record and just over 7 min faster than last year.

Thanks to Adelaide for helping me find the mindset techniques that enable me to bring out my best performance.’

If you’re interested in a bespoke 1-day mindset bootcamp, send me an email to or apply here today.

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