Quick Fix Consultation

A single moment can change the course of your life, and a single session with Adelaide can transform your athletic performance.

In this service, you’ll work with Adelaide to combat your fears, weaknesses, and habits to create a winning mindset. You’ll learn how to control your self-talk, improve your focus, and maximise your athletic potential.

Single two-hour video consultation via Zoom or Skype. £200. For serious athletes only. Includes 15-minute complimentary discovery call.


Weekly Enhancement Coaching

Develop the mental stamina to truly conquer.

In this recurring service, Adelaide conditions your mind to succeed in your training and race. With tried-and-true techniques used on her world champion clients, you’ll learn how to rewire your brain to complement your training, improve your well being, and push yourself further than you thought possible.

Weekly one-hour consultations. First session is 90 minutes. £850 per month. Three-month minimum. Includes 15-minute complimentary discovery call. Option to have biweekly calls available upon application.

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One-Day Brain Training

Develop the mental roadmap to success.

You’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses, key areas you need to improve, steps to achieving your desired results and breakthrough past limits. In this service, Adelaide will design a bespoke one-day brain endurance training camp to help you create a unique mental roadmap to extraordinary performance.

One-day brain training camp at your home or current training location. Includes 30-minute complimentary discovery call.


Not sure if you need a mindset coach?

I want to hear more about your performance goals and answer any questions you have. To ensure you feel comfortable with our partnership, I offer a complimentary call with all potential clients to see if it’s a good fit.


As a mindset coach, I know a lot about athletes.

Adelaide was a tremendous help in coaching me towards one of my biggest goals. I had seen my many previous attempts not coming to fruition as ‘failures’. Adelaide helped me reframe how I looked at each attempt as a wonderful life learning lesson.

From there we mapped out my goal and how to chunk it down into small, achievable steps. I now have a roadmap for achieving this long-awaited dream and more confidence than ever!”
— Tamara C.
I think I had such an amazing mental experience during worlds [Adaptive Climbing World Championships] due to the work I had done with Adelaide.
— Whitney P.
I feel like Adelaide helped me tremendously. She taught me that if you ever don’t think you can do something, don’t listen to that voice. There’s always a way to do what you want, do what you love, and do what you’re passionate about.
— Brittany D.

Outside of working with clients, I often advise businesses on how to effectively market to athletes. If you or your company wants to meaningfully connect with this audience, I can help.


Don’t take it from me: Here’s feedback directly from my clients.

Adelaide Goodeve is a part of the Isklar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon crew. In 2018 she contributed to the Norseman media team with updates and live feeds on NXTRIs various platforms in social media. She also produced Press releases, interviews with athletes, support-team and spectators.

But most important for us, she contributed with lots of ideas and inputs on how to improve our impact and appeal to a broader audience and how and where to find and reach the audience that find our race appealing and interesting.

Adelaide is hard working, professional and loyal. She is easy to work with, always on time, always willing to share and discuss new ideas or new takes to old routines. Adelaide is the one you want to sit next to on your lunch break. We are privileged to have Adelaide in our crew and we can strongly recommend here to others, although we would be devastated to lose her.
— Erik Jungeling and Dag Oliver, Director of Media and Managing Director of Norseman, the world’s ultimate triathlon
Adelaide has worked with us throughout our re-branding process, from website development and branding to social media. She has provided us with great insight on how to write our website copy, grow our social media channels and align our brand’s look with our core values.

With Adelaide’s expertise, we have been able to launch our new website with a clearer idea on how to communicate to our potential clients about who we are, our products and how we can best solve their problems.

Not only is Adelaide reliable and hard-working, she is passionate and always looking to strengthen her professional skills. Adelaide is a pleasure to work with and we’re looking forward to working closely with her in the future.
— Bill Lawry, CEO of Ascend